Collaboration at its Best
Throughout my professional journey, I've collaborated with an array of global brands, independent production companies, directors, agencies, music labels, bands, and international artists. This rich diversity of collaborations infuses every project with unique perspectives and unmatched creativity.

Your Vision, Our Expertise
Regardless of the project size, my hands-on approach and technical prowess guarantee results that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Offering special daily and hourly rates, I blend flexibility, affordability, and high-level quality to bring your vision to life.

The Studio
Equipped with the latest software and hardware, my studio is designed for efficiency and creative freedom.

The studio boast a massive library of custom built sound design samples and thousands of motion assets, including overlays, lens flares, transitions, LUTs, effects, film grains etc., enabling versatile and high-quality production. Perfect for professional work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tailored Deliverables for Every Platform
I specialize in creating and preparing and delivering video material in any format required, perfectly aligning with your specific needs for web, social media, TV etc.

KRM Visuals
Mobile: +49 172 86 88 277
Studio: +49 89 54 315 699